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Good Things Come in Small Packages Sometimes


That’s right we measure horses by “Hands” which is about 4 inches. Some say this unit of Ponies are a breed of horse, which have similar characteristics. They have the same pieces and parts inside and out as a horse put in smaller proportions. According to Wikipedia the word pony comes from and old French word poulenet which means foal or young horse. But we know today that a pony is actually full grown animal that is often under 14 hands high.

A typical looking pony has a short stocky build, thick neck, with a full mane and tail. A pony tends to have a broad forehead, hard feet and longer hair coat. These characteristics have been developed over the years by the harsh weather conditions many ponies live in in different areas of the world. Their survival depends on adapting to such severe environments.

If you look up pony breeds you will find many listed in any book. However some breeds such as the Icelandic and the Fjord horses have all the pony characteristics listed above but prefer to call the animals in their registry horses instead of ponies.

During the mid- 1800’s to mid -20th century Great Britain used pit ponies in the coalmines to pull coal cars. These ponies spent their whole life under ground, living out their days and working alongside the miners. A Disney movie “The Littlest Horse Thieves” (1976) tells a story of these ponies and the children who work to save them when they learn that the mine is due to be shutdown. This is a great movie for the whole family.

One of the oldest pony breeds is the Mongolian pony. As the name suggest you can find this short stocky pony on the plains of Mongolia. They are a close relative to Przewalski’s horse, which is also known as the Asian Wild Horse. This little pony helped the fierce warrior Genghis Khan conquer his enemies by carrying his army many miles over very rough country. These ponies have been known to travel between 60 to 120 miles in just one day, a feat not many horses can accomplish. Mongolian ponies have a rather primitive look with a course coat, which can be many colors, thick neck, stand up mane and very hard feet. People of Mongolia use these animals for transportation in their nomadic lifestyle and also use the mares milk for food.

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Strike Out


It takes only a few strokes of your pencil to turn the words on the left into words that describe horses. The column in the middle tells you how many letters to cross out in each case.

Original Word Number of letters to cross out New word:
COLLECT 3 _ _ _ _
FOOTBALL 4 _ _ _ _
FINALLY 2 _ _ _ _ _
STUDY 1 _ _ _ _
MARBLE 2 _ _ _ _


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halloween horse  

Syllable Shuffle

Rearrange the syllables in the columns to form the names of pony breeds.

Example MOOR EX Answer: Exmoor


» Answers

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Pony Power


In the characteristics listed below underline the ones which describe ponies:

• Over 15 hands high
• Short legs
• Full mane and tail
• Thin skinned
• Slender neck
• Broad forehead
• Long hair coat
• Under 14.2 hands high
• Thin hair coat
• Strong hard feet
• Long lived
• Long legs

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It might be too cold or muddy to ride this winter but that does not mean than you and your friends cannot have fun around the horses. Take some time to watch the horses just be horses and then try to imagine each horse talking to his friend. What sort of voice would they have? Would the pony talk in a high cartoon voice? Would the grouchy mare speak down to the others? Would the older gelding sound like and old man? Have fun with it but try not to hurt any person’s feelings if you think their horse might have the same personality and voice.

TeamCHA Talking Horse


Hay There!

Horse Hay TeamCHA Your horse needs hay all winter long. Lucky for you, the barn has 40 bales of hay in storage. So far you horse has eaten 14 bales. Your friend needs a favor, her barn has had some wind damage and she needs to find a home for her horse for the rest of the winter. You say “yes of course come over you have plenty of room”. But now you will need more hay for her horse. You think you will need 75 bales of hay to get through winter. How many more bales will you need to buy? Each bale costs $7.00. How much will you and your friend spend?

H I N T:

You have 40 -15 = ___________ bales of hay right now.
You need 75 total
So 75 – bales of hay you have right now =______________x $7.00 a bale =___________

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Syllable Shuffle - Answers:

Shet land
Con ne mar a
Half lin ger
Mon go lian
Dart moor
Chin co teague
Hack ney


Strike Out - Answers:


Hay There! - Answers:

40-15 = 25 bales you have left
75-25 = 50 bales you will need
50 bales x $7.00 = $350 dollars


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