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From YMCA Camp Willson in Ohio


Yeah the summer is finally here! Warm days, cool nights, and no more heavy winter coats. Take of yourself and your equine friends. Horses like people need plenty of clean water to stay cool. Don’t forget to clean out that water tank many times during the week. When a horse drinks he leaves behind all sorts of bits of grass, hay and food in the tank. When this stuff sits in the water tank or bucket and is warmed by the sun it will start to grow bacteria. You cannot see the bacteria since they are microscopic (very tiny) but when enough of these little critters together they will cause the water to smell and turn black and gross. Would you like to drink this? Your horse doesn’t either! Dump those buckets and scrub those water tanks! Your horse will say “Thank you!”


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Matching Name with Faces

Can you match these fictional and real life horse people to their beloved equine partners?

Roy Rogers

Victoria Gordon

Wild Bill Hickok

The Lone Ranger


Gene Autry

Ken McLaughlin

Alec Ramsey


Hopalong Cassidy

Kit Carson

Laura Ingalls

Ben Cartwright

Annie Oakley

Wilbur Post

Walker (Texas Ranger)

Mark McCain (The Rifleman)

The Cisco Kid

Brisco County Jr.

Xena, Warrior Princess

Dale Evans

(National) Velvet Brown






Tornado (& Phantom)

Amigo (Cookie)



The Black

Apache (&Buckskin)

Argo (& Snuff & Argo ll)

Black Beauty

Blue Boy

Black Nell (&Buckshot)


Big Buck

Target (& Daisy)

(My Friend) Flicka


(TV) King or (movie) The Pie

Mr. Ed


All Mixed Up

Can you unscramble all these words
to make new horse –related ones?
(Example: led rib = bridle)

1. rinse________________________________
2. shore hose____________________________
3. trance_______________________________
4. more dog____________________________
5. grey nail_____________________________
6. point________________________________
7. bleats_______________________________
8. red gases_____________________________
9. a tall shed____________________________
10. gleam train___________________________
11. odd pack_____________________________

» Answers

Horsey Homonyms

Homonyms are two or more words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. For example: “I am allowed to brush my horse by myself” and “My teacher helped me with the lesson by giving me instructions aloud.” Choose the correct word for each sentence.

1. You should place your saddle on the rack in the barn _____ (isle/aisle) while you are getting ready to ride.
2. Horse ___________(bridles/bridals) come in a variety of different materials, colors and styles.
3. Once a mare is__________________(bread/bred) she will be pregnant for 11 months before giving birth.
4. If you ride at a western ranch they might call the riding arena the _________ (corral/chorale)
5. Various jumps can be arranged in a _______________(course/coarse) to test a horse and rider’s ability.
6. A_________(dun/done) colored horse will have a dark dorsal stripe running down their back.
7. After a colt of filly has __________(foaled/fold) the mother will help the baby stand.
8. The canter is a 3-beat ____________(gate/gait)where the near hind leg strikes the ground first, followed by the near fore and off hind legs(striking at the same time, also called diagonal pair) and finally, the off foreleg.
9. It’s very important to remember to close the ___________(gait/gate)behind you when you leave the barn.
10. You can learn allot about how a horse talks to his friends by watching his body language and how he interacts with the _______________(heard/herd)
11. The “whinny” and the _________(nay/neigh)are words that we use for some of the horse’s vocalizations.
12. A variety of braiding styles can be used to ______________(plate/plait) a horse’s mane and tail.
13. Stone carvings have been found all over the United States that show Native Americans who ________________(rode/road) horse while hunting.
14. A saddle must be fitted correctly so that you do not cause sores on the ____________(whither/wither) area of the horse’s back.
15. A good way to introduce both horse and rider to jumping is walking over ground ________(poles/polls)



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Breed Spotlight

Lipizzaner Breed Spotlight

The Lipizzaner gets his name from the Lipica stud in Slovenia where the breed was founded. In 1580 King Charles II started the line with 24 mares and breeds the show white horses for his court in Vienna. Walt Disney made a movie about them and this famous Spanish riding school during World War II and the effort that was made to save the horses from the enemy army. Lipizzaners are intelligent, long lived and are used into their late 20’s. They are used for riding, and harness work. They are breed to be grey although sometimes there is a bay in the group. It has been a tradition to have at least one bay Lipizzaner in residence at the Spanish riding school.

Sometimes a group of these horses tours the United States and give performances in various cities. They perform to music and are a thing of beauty to watch. Visit to find out more about this amazing breed of horse!


Matching Names:

Brisco County Jr. - Comet
Roy Rogers - Trigger
Dale Evans - Buttermilk
The Lone Ranger - Silver
Tonto - Scout
Zorro - Tornado
Hoalong Cassidy - Topper
Walker Texas Ranger - Amigo
Gene Autry - Champion
Alec Ramsey - The Black
Kit Carson - Apache
Xena , Warrior Princess - Argo
Victoria Gordon - Black Beauty
Mark McCain - Blue Boy
Wild Bill Hickok - Black Nell
Laura Ingalls - Bunny
Ben Cartwright - Big Buck
Annie Oakley - Target
Ken McLaughlin - Flicka
The Cisco Kid - Diablo
(National)Velvet - King / The Pie
Wilber Post - Mr. Ed

All Mixed Up:

1. reins shoe
3. canter
9. headstall
10. martingale
11. paddock


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