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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear - or Horse!

As the days get shorter and the nights colder your friend, the horse, puts on a winter coat of sorts. This new winter hair coat has two layers to help the horse. The bottom hair is a bit denser or thicker than the hair above it. This denser layer helps to trap and keep heat in. Older horses will grow thicker hair coats to help them. When you look at horse you in the winter you maybe able to tell if they are older by this thick hair coat. Some horses have a disease called Cushings Disease which causes a thick hair coat all year around.

When you ride in the winter if you layer your clothes you will trap heat between the fabrics and keep warmer. Sometimes it may be necessary to put a blanket on a horse to help keep them warm and healthy. Some horses live in places that the winter is very long and cold so the blanket gives them some help against Mother Nature. Many horses continue to work and go to shows in the colder months so they might have their hair clipped or shaved so they do not get over heated. These horses then do not have that fluffy hair so the blanket is need to keep them warm. Be like an onion this winter and wear your layers! CHA


Cold Weather Horse  

Cold Weather Blues

Don't fret because winter is coming. Write a list about all the positive things about the weather getting colder. For example ' the leaves turning color are beautiful, no bugs or flies, wearing long pants is not so hot. Add to the list items which you are thankful for, tis the season. CHA



Get a Head Start on Holiday Gifts

Money is tight for many people this year so why not start early
and make presents for your horsey friends and neighbors.

Horse Apple

Recipe for a Healthy Horse Apple Ball

1 large Apple
Chopped carrots (small pieces please)
Cooking oats (people food)
Cereal Bran Flakes (crushed)

Directions: Cover the carrots, oats, and bran flakes with molasses. Core the apple. Make small cuts and scoop out enough room to fill the apple with the molasses mixture. Wrap this up in a colored plastic wrap and hand these out to people you know who have horses. CHA


Did You Know?

  • Bran is a natural laxative for both horses and people.
  • Too much grain can make a horse obese.
  • Hay is better than grain for helping a horse stay warm in the winter.
  • Horses need clean water year round to help with digestion.
  • Overeating, gulping too much cold water and stress are just some
    of the things that can cause a horse to colic.
  • Obesity in horses and people can cause heart and breathing problems. CHA


Rainy Day Activity Horse Markings and Breeds Flash Cards

Cut out different horses with various face and leg markings, patterns and breeds and glue them to a note card. On the back write the answer to what type of marking or breed is featured. Laminate the card for durability. Punch a hole in the corner for the key ring or carabineer to fit through.

Share with a friend and flash the cards to practice. Or take them off the ring and place them on the floor or on a table between people and play 'Markings Mash.' The players stand with their hand to their sides opposite each other. Someone else calls out the marking and the first person to 'Mash' the card by placing it on the card, gets to keep the card. The person with the most cards wins. CHA



  • Horse magazines ' if you don't have these, ask a breed registry to send
    you things.
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Cement
  • Note cards
  • Clear plastic laminate sheets
  • Carabineer or
    Key ring



CHA International Conference

The Oaks Equestrian Center in Lake City, Florida ' October 21 ' 24, 2010

Remember it is only $45 a day for a student to attend the CHA Conference.
Visit the link below for more info about 2010!


Horse Fact

Walking Horse
Photos provided by Rian Houston

  • Horses walk at an average of 4 miles (6k) per hour and trot at between approximately 6 - 7 miles (9 - 11km) per hour.
  • Since horses have eyes on the sides of there heads they have almost 360 degree vision, having a small 'blind' spot directly in front of their nose and just behind their rump.
  • The horse holding the record for being the smallest individual horse with the Guinness Book of World records is a miniature horse named Thumbelina. Born in 2001 in Missouri, Thumbelina stand only 17.5 inches high at the withers. CHA



How are your reading skills? All the answers are in text.


It is a good idea to stand directly in front of a horse for him to see you? T /F
A Bashkir Curly can have a curly hair coat T /F
Horses only need water in the summer since they can eat snow in the winter T/ F
Horses can see directly behind them. T/ F
Obesity in horses can cause heart problems. T /F
Apples are good for both horses and people T /F
Cushing's Disease can cause a horse to grow a long hair coat even if it is not winter. T /F




Math Quiz

  • Sally Stall needs to pay her feed bills for her horse Goodfellow. Here is a list of items Goodfellow needs for the month. How much money does Sally need to pay the feed store at the end of the month of November which has 30 days.
  • Goodfellow eats: 10 pounds of feed a day
  • He needs a 1 pound block of salt each month
  • He eats a bale of hay a day
  • He likes Apples for treats

50 pound bag of feed = $12.00
(10 lbs a day x 30 days = 300 lbs. 300 lbs. divided by 50 lbs. of feed per bag = 6 bags)
6 x $12.00 = ___________
1 pound salt block = $2.50
1 bale of hay = $ 6.00
(1 bale = 2 days 30days divide by 2 = 15 days = 15 bales 15 x $6.00 = __________
1 bag of apples = $ 3.50 One bag can last a month

Add up the cost of feed per bag; hay per bale; salt block and apples and that is how much to bill will be. CHA�ݬݬ�Click here for answer.


Mystery Word

Take the first letter of each word to spell the mystery word:

_ _ _ _ should be picked up in the horse's stall ever day.

_ _ _ _ _ _ can be cut up for a snack for you and your horse.

_ _ _ _ _ _ are leather straps that you can hold to help control the horse's movement

_ _ _ _ _ _ wear your helmet to be safe when riding.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ are used all over the world to carry food and supplies for people.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ are horse people.

The clue is: the Rose Bowl __________ has many horses
which can be seen marching down the street.

Click here to see answer.



Word Unscramble

Unscramble these words of things you and your horse will need in the coming winter:





Kentucky Derby

Fill in the blanks with the name of the horse:

Which breed of horse races at the Kentucky Derby?______________________________
Which breed of horse pulls the Budweiser Wagon?_______________________________
Which breed of horse pulls the Prefiert 8 horse hitch?____________________________
Which breed of horse works on the Amish farms plowing fields?____________________
Which breed of horse is only found on the island of Assateague?____________________
Which breed of horse might found be pulling the queen of England carriage?__________
Which breed of horse might be found running around the western states of America?____
Which breed of horse might be used to work cattle on a ranch?_____________________
Which breed of horse may have a blanket of white spots on their rump?______________
Which breed of horse has long hair called 'feathers' on their legs?__________________



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Breed Spotlight

Bashkir Image

Bashkir is an older pony breed that lives in regions near Russia. They are very hardy horses that live outside all the time even in very cold winters. They have thick necks and stout legs and are used for milk and meat production. The milk is fermented in a drink that is very a much apart of the people's diet in the area. The Bashkir does much of the work on the farms including pulling the traditional carts know as Troikas. In the United States there is a variation of the breed know as the Bashkir Curly. These horses have very wavy manes, tails and body coats all year around. When Curlies are shown it is at a time of year before they shed their winter coat so the judges can see how curly the hair coat is. CHA



Math Moment: $168.00 total

Mystery Word: Parade


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