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Editor’s Note: Typically, thes columns include true stories that have been fictionalized. Thank you for sharing stories that will prevent others from being hurt. If you have a story you would like to share, please email it to us at office@CHA-ahse.org. If you have a story to share that others can learn from that will help keep humans and horses safer, please contact Julie Goodnight at (800) 980-1410 or jgoodnight@CHA-ahse.org.


Incidentally Speaking Articles Printed in The Instructor Magazine:








Online-Only Incidentally Speaking Articles:


Archived Incidentally Speaking Articles:

  • Keep your Jackets and Eyes Open
  • Driving Issue
  • High Water Crossing
  • Left Behind – A Hobbling Story
  • Bell Boots
  • Breast Collar and Black Cinch Fit
  • Trail Obstacle Course
  • Riding with Stirrups Too Long
  • Draw Reins
  • To Turn Out or Not to Turn Out – That is the Question
  • First Day Jitters – Letting camper ride a first time horse to a program
  • Hanging on the saddle horn with loose clothing
  • Frivolous Lawsuits and What You Can Do About Them
  • When is a Halter Just a Halter?
  • Spooking Happens with a Moose
  • Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Hoof
  • Feeding Horses
  • Tying to a Trailer
  • Chain Shank Lead Ropes
  • Driving and Arena Riding
  • Worst Case Scenario – Horse show trailer craziness horse pulls back takes handlers fingers
  • Feeding Treats by Hand and Choke in Horses
  • Girl’s Death in Stall Accident
  • Foot Lodged in Stirrup – A Hanging Offense
  • Getting on a Horse That is Tied Up. Riding Double with Child
  • Show Warm up Pen
  • Hung Up on Horses – Necklace Getting Caught on Horn
  • Helmets – Every Time Every Ride – Katy Silva’s Experience
  • Barrels and Water Coming Off of It Spooking Horses – Natural Hazard?
  • We are On a Roll – Horse Rolling with a Rider
  • Gate Incident and Riders with Disabilities
  • Panic at the Rail – Pullers
  • The True Meaning of Inherent Risk – Mountain Lion made horses bolt
  • Be Careful What you Wish For – Trail Incident – Bad Trail with Fall of Horse and Rider
  • All in a Day’s Work – Getting off a Hitched Cart with no Header
  • Hard Headed Equestrian Staff – Cow kicked while working a horse on the ground
  • Mounted from block and no spurs for novice riders

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