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Instructor Recertification



CHA Certified Individual Members:

The following forms are needed every three years with a $90 recertification fee and 25 hours of continuing education.

:: Instructor Recertification Form

:: Instructor Recertification Continuing Education Form


CHA Clinic Staff:

For current CHA Clinic Staff - the following forms are needed every three years with a $90 recertification fee, 25 hours of continuing education and current CPR and First Aid cards.

:: Clinic Staff Recertification Form

:: Clinic Staff Recertification CEC




  1. The CHA International Conference – attend this event and get the full 25 hours needed
  2. CHA Regional Conferences – click here to find those in your area - actual hours of sessions you attend
  3. CHA Webinars at http://cha-ahse.org/store/categories/CHA_Webinars/
  4. Webinars on www.EquestrianProfessional.com
  5. Any horse expo near you, such as the Equine Affaire in OH and MA each year -- www.equineaffaire.com/ - actual hours of sessions attended
  6. Visiting your local feed store for presentations from feed representatives, local vet or farrier talks, taking a speech course or other non-horse related course that would help you with your teaching. - actual hours
  7. Up to 8 hours of CPR and First Aid Training
  8. Other breed and discipline association annual conferences.- actual hours
  9. Taking riding lessons or attending clinics with different equine professionals.  actual hours
  10. Some links below.


CHA Members Get Discounts



Purdue University Calumet’s Equine Business Management Program is the nation’s leader in Equine Business Management Research and one of only three universities in the nation to  have an  equine program housed in an accredited School of Management,  focusing on the business aspects of the equine industry.  Furthermore, Purdue University Calumet, in partnership  with Purdue West  Lafayette,  is currently the only university to house an agriculture, vet sciences  and business program that specializes their respective curriculum for the equine industry.  We offer a BA in business with a major in Equine Business Management, in addition to an 18-credit online Certificate in Equine Business Management. For more information go to, http://webs.purduecal.edu/equine/ or call 219-204-1426.