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Product Review: Gecko’s Toes

“Just grab the end and start walking” is a recurring anthem that one hears as you walk by the Gecko’s Toes of the Midwest booth. Smiling from ear to ear the above proclamation is enthusiastically declared by Doug Harris, a man on a mission to eliminate aggravation in daily chores in and outside the barn when using water hoses, extension cords and air hoses. Harris continues, “Take down what you need and leave the rest hanging up”, as he stands up straight and easily coils the water hose back into his Gecko’s Toes hose rack.

Gecko’s Toes, indeed. An innovative product designed to store and distribute water hoses, extension cords and air hoses. Invented by Mary Annette Winchester, Gecko’s Toes have been in existence for eight years and within that eight years there has never been a warranty claim or more importantly, there has never been a rack returned by a dissatisfied customer. When customers do return to his hands-on booth with multiple displays, it’s to buy more. Miraculously, Gecko’s Toes are made in the USA!

“It’s so simple it works,” reasons Harris. “Mary Annette quit trying to change the nature of the hose and made a rack to accommodate it.” Not only will it work for your water hoses, electric cords and air hoses, it will work for anything in a circle that fits inside the rack’s openings or ‘toes’, such as power washer hoses, welding leads, lead ropes, lunge lines and the list goes on and on. Predicated on four foot length loops, the water hose rack will hold 150 feet because you make two loops per toe. The extension cord rack will hold 200 feet and the air hose rack will hold 100 feet. If more length is needed one can a.) make longer loops or b.) stack one rack on top of another.

Installation is a breeze and a person has several options. Most customers use metal t-posts or wooden 4” x 4” posts, and use radiator hose clamps or three screws to fasten the rack. Others mount their Gecko’s Toes into barn frames, 2 x 4 wall studs and even inside or outside their horse trailers. Basically, anything you can get three screws into or hose clamps around. Harris has come up with a clever idea and you probably have these items already. He explains that a person can drive a t-post into the ground by a water source, slide a piece of PVC pipe over the t-post and take two radiator hose clamps to fasten the hose rack to the PVC pipe. This type of installation will allow the rack with the hose to swivel in a 360 degree radius allowing you to walk in any desired direction. Secondly, if a person wants to move their water hose, for instance in freezing weather, simply remove the PVC pipe with water hose and rack and place it in a heated building. The water hose will be ready when you are!

Market value on most water hose storage systems range from $10 to $200 and produce less than desirable results. Plus, depending on use, it will need replacing several times over one’s lifetime. Gecko’s Toes have a lifetime warranty and for the water hose rack you can purchase one for $15 or two for $25, the electric cord and air hose racks cost one for $10 or two for $20 or you can get all three for $33.

Gecko’s Toes of the Midwest will be present at the Equine Affaire November 7-10, 2013 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Doug Harris can be reached at 913-232-9213 or 816-694-7111 or dharris78@kc.rr.com. Harris never charges any handling fees just the shipping and normally your product will be received in just a few days.