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Product Review: Tapestry Neck Strap

By Teresa Kackert

I recently had the honor to receive and the pleasure to experience the Tapestry Neck Strap. I currently have a lesson program, horse training and sales barn with over 20 horses in full training; multiple breeds, multiple disciplines, various ages, riding levels, etc. Personally, I spend between 6 to 10 hours each day in the saddle; I may ride 8 to 12 horses per day, five and sometimes six days a week…I gave your product a workout!

First, I would like to say that the strap is a quality piece of tack, attractive, well made and very useful. Its natural color and finish went well with my existing tack and in some cases complimented the overall appearance. The leather seems to be of ‘select’ or ‘premium’ quality, to have been finished nicely, very smooth to the touch and supple in its use. Additionally, it is well stitched, has a nice buckle and plenty of holes for adjustment in fit.

The single D ring is a nice feature for securing the strap but I would prefer to also have a matching D ring on the other side so I can connect it to my saddle’s breast-collar D rings. This would also ‘balance’ out its overall appearance while wearing. The additional attachment point would also aid in less movement of the strap and or reduce pulling on the mane if it is attached there as the manufacturer paperwork suggests. Also, because I ride multiple horses each day, I have to saddle and unsaddle repeatedly and do not necessarily have time to braid and unbraid each time; matching rings for clips would be a bit more practical for me.

I tried and used the strap in the following activities: field hunting, cross country, trail riding and in our regular arena youth and adult lesson program and it proved completely versatile and held up wonderfully. I received strong interest from both my clients, students and their parents; all were intrigued, felt it looked very nice and were certain it could be very useful when the need arose. To find out more information visit http://www.spursuader.com/neckstrap.html

About the Author: Teresa has been professionally training horses and riders for over 24 years. She became an AQHA Professional Horseman in 2010 and an AQHA Wrangler Team Extreme member in 2012. Teresa has been a CHA Clinic Instructor since 2003 and a Master Instructor since 1999. Teresa is also an International DOUBLE-GOLD Certified Natural Horsemanship trainer as well as a CHA Equine Facility Manager ACI.