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Our Newsletter

Horse Radio Network Show

The Certified Horsemanship Association Radio Show will be on Horses in the Morning on the third Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard time. Please join us and listen in live! Topics will be based on training riders on how to have safe and effective communication with their horses. Click on hyperlinked dates below to listen to past shows.

August 19th at 9 a.m. EST - Riding Issues with Horses and How to Solve Them with Ken Najorka

With over thirty years of horsemanship experience, Ken lives in Northern Florida as an active reining instructor, but knows that good horsemanship and equitation are simply that, no matter the discipline. Ken’s experience as a coach and clinician reaches beyond the show pen. The work has taken him to many parts of the country and allowed him to work with a variety of individuals and horses. Ken is a CHA certified instructor and the Region 7 Director. He has worked as an instructor for Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship that can be seen on RFD-TV. Najorka Performance Horses, LLC encompasses: starting horses, problem solving, and fine tuning the well trained horse. From the beginner to the show pen, Ken prides himself on building a better horse-rider partnership. From teaching basic horsemanship to working with various jurisdictions of mounted police in safety training, Ken blends his knowledge of reining horses and natural horsemanship to help fill communication gaps between all types of horses and riders.  Ken is available to conduct seminars, demonstrations and lessons throughout the year. Quality horses are available for sale or lease. You can contact Ken at najorkaperformancehorse@gmail.com and find him at The Oaks Equestrian Center in Lake City.

July Show - Vaulting - What It Is, How To Do It and How to Incorporate It Into Your Riding Program Sponsored by Sky Line Equine with Patti Skipton and Tammi Gainer



June Show - Ground Handling Issues with Horses and How to Solve Them with Jill Montgomery and Dale Rudin. Sponsored by Sterling Back Ground Checks


May Show - Training Your Horse for Showing with Ashleigh Hamill and Carla Wennberg. Sponsored by Real Time Equine


April show - Pack and Trail Tips Defined - Training Your Horse to Hobble, Picket Line, Highline, etc. With Stan Loewen and Phil Peterson. Sponsored by Revitavet


March show - Helping Gaited Horses to Stay in Their Gaits in the Arena and on the Trail with Julie Dillon and Teresa Musgrave. Sponsored by North American Trail Ride Conference - NATRC.org


February show - Cantering From Just Starting to Flying Changes and Everything In Between.  Guests - Jody Taylor and Julie Goodnight. Brought to you by Free Ride Western Safety Stirrups


January Show - Exercises and Drills for Riders to Do at All Levels  Guests - Tara Gamble adn Teresa Kackert.  Brought to you by Revitvet 


Click on dates above to listen to the shows in the past! 

Click on link below for current month's show