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Horse Radio Network Show

The Certified Horsemanship Association Radio Show will be on Horses in the Morning on the third Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard time. Please join us and listen in live! Topics will be based on training riders on how to have safe and effective communication with their horses. Click on hyperlinked dates below to listen to past shows.

July Show - Vaulting - What It Is, How To Do It and How to Incorporate It Into Your Riding Program

Sponsored by Sky Line Equine

Guests:  Patti Skipton and Tammi Gainer

Patti Skipton has trained vaulting teams that have successfully competed across North America and Europe, including the U.S. Exhibition Vaulting Team in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Patti was awarded "2009 AVA Trainer of the Year", and 2010 AVA Mentor of the Year, by the American Vaulting Association.  In 2010, she also trained and lunged her horse for the South African vaulting team to compete on at World Eq. Games in KY.  www.warmbeachvaulters.com


Having grown up around horses, Tammi began her professional equine career in 1989 as a trail guide at a large ranch camp where she was first exposed to the world of equestrian vaulting and attended her first CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Standard Instructor Certification Clinic. In the spring of 1995 Tammi joined the instructor staff at Pegasus Farm. While working at the Farm part-time and  home schooling her three children, Tammi also spent much time working under several trainers in both reining and dressage and achieved  PATH Intl. instructor certification.

             In 2000, she achieved CHA Master Level Instructor and clinic staff status and has since earned Clinic Instructor status in the Instructors of Riders with Disabilities (IRD) and Vaulting Coach programs as well. Since 1998 Tammi has been the head coach of the Pegasus Vaulting Club; an eighteen member recreational team that performs demonstrations and workshops at various venues throughout Ohio.

             In 2005 Tammi was promoted to Equestrian Director where she now manages all aspects of the equestrian program. Most recently Tammi has achieved Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning certification through PATH Intl and AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) Professional Horseman.  In September 2007 Tammi was elected to the CHA Board of Directors and asked to chair the Education & Training Committee & in 2011 was asked to take on the position of Board Secretary.

            At the 2011 Certified Horsemanship Association International Conference in Lexington, KY. Tammi was honored with the coveted “CHA Volunteer of the Year Award”.  Tammi says of winning this award, “Since first joining CHA in 1991 the organization has become such an integral part of my life both professionally and personally. To be a part of an organization that believes so strongly in promoting safety in horsemanship across the lines of disciplines is definitely a credit to our profession. Personally, I have made such wonderful friends from many different backgrounds and walks of life; yet we all have a common denominator ~Safety for the horse & rider. I look forward to many more years being a part of this amazing "family" called CHA.”


June Show - Ground Handling Issues with Horses and How to Solve Them with Jill Montgomery and Dale Rudin. Sponsored by Sterling Back Ground Checks

May Show - Training Your Horse for Showing with Ashleigh Hamill and Carla Wennberg. Sponsored by Real Time Equine

April show - Pack and Trail Tips Defined - Training Your Horse to Hobble, Picket Line, Highline, etc. With Stan Loewen and Phil Peterson. Sponsored by Revitavet

March show - Helping Gaited Horses to Stay in Their Gaits in the Arena and on the Trail with Julie Dillon and Teresa Musgrave. Sponsored by North American Trail Ride Conference - NATRC.org

February show - Cantering From Just Starting to Flying Changes and Everything In Between.  Guests - Jody Taylor and Julie Goodnight. Brought to you by Free Ride Western Safety Stirrups

January Show - Exercises and Drills for Riders to Do at All Levels  Guests - Tara Gamble adn Teresa Kackert.  Brought to you by Revitvet 


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