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CHA Educational YouTube Video Shorts

Produced by the Certified Horsemanship Association. 

“These professional videos were produced by CHA for the horse industry and the general public,” says CHA Chief Executive Officer Christy Landwehr. “Please feel free to embed them onto your websites free of charge so that we can all help get the word out about having fun safely with our horses.”

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CHA Sample Lessons

Sample 15 Minute lesson First Ride


Sample 15 minute lesson First Trot #1

Sample 15 minute lesson First Trot #2

Sample 15 minute lesson First Trot #3

CHA Sample Lesson on the First Lope

CHA Sample Lesson on Western Turn Backs

Horseback Riding Exercises to Improve Rider Position 

Lenghtening and Shortening of Strides


CHA Challenges

CHA Trail Challenge Promo for Your Horse Expo


CHA Riding Instructor Challenge Promo for Your Horse Expo



 CHA Safety Shorts


  1. CHA in a Nutshell

  2. Truck and Trailer Safety Check

  3. Safely Loading a Horse in a Trailer

  4. Grooming a Horse Safely - Sponsored by HandsOn Gloves 

  5. Showmanship Tips

  6. Long Lining a Horse

  7. Bit Adjustment in Horses
  8. Reading Horse Behavior

  9. How to Safely Put Up a HighLine for Your Horses

  10. When to Use and How to Tie Bowline Knots

  11. Catching a Horse in a Paddock with Other Horses

  12. Releasing a Horse in a Paddock with Other Horses

  13. How to Catch Your Horse in a Stall

  14. Releasing a Horse in a Stall

  15. Introducing Your Horse to Fly Spray

  16. Introducing Your Horse to a Fly Mask

  17. How to Pony a Horse 

  18. Leading Safely

  19. How to Safely Work Around a Horse in Cross Ties

  20. How to Safely Hard Tie Your Horse

  21. The Emergency Stop on a Horse - Pulley Rein

  22. Danger Zones Around the Horse

  23. The Emergency Dismount

  24. Safely Bridling English

  25. Safely Bridling Western 

  26. Safely Saddling a Horse with an English Saddle

  27. Safely Saddling a Horse with a Western Saddle

  28. Martingale Fit on Horses

  29. How to Perform a Safety Check on a Horse

  30. Correct Horseback Riding Helmet Fit

  31. Fitting the Breast Collar and Back Cinch Correctly

  32. Fitting Boots - Sports Medicine Boots, Splint Boots, and Bell Boots

  33. Correct Horseback Riding Position

  34. Mounting and Dismounting Correctly

  35. Getting on a Horse with a Mounting Block and With Assistance (Getting a Leg Up)

  36. Blanketing Your Horse

  37. Horse Vital Signs and How to Take Them

  38. Different Rein Holds

  39. How to Longe a Horse Correctly

  40. How to Fit a Rope Halter

  41. Catching a Horse in a Herd

  42. How to Put on Standing Wraps and Polo Wraps

  43. How to Safely Paste Deworm Your Horse

  44. Two Point and Half Seat Defined

  45. How to Safely Hold Your Horse for the Vet/Farrier

  46. How to Adjust Your English Stirrups/Girth While Mounted

  47. How to Walk a Line in a Jump Course to Figure Out Correct Striding

  48. How to Pick a Horse's Hoof

  49. Clipping Safely and Effectively