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This isn't directly about horses, but maybe you can help... I currently own two geldings kept at my home/farm, and I am planning to buy a dog. I would like to have the dog accompany us on trail rides, etc., as well as be well mannered around the stable and paddocks. Obviously a great deal of this will depend on training the puppy early and consistently, etc., but I'd also like to get a head start by selecting the right breed of dog. Do you have any suggestions for breeds that tend to get along well with horses (and barn cats, and children)? Also, assuming that my horses have not previously been harassed by dogs, is there any reason to believe that they won't come to accept the new addition once they get used to it? I know this isn't exactly your area of expertise, but the dog experts don't seem to know much about horses...

Thanks for any suggestions, Brenda


Hi Brenda, Being a dog lover myself, I appreciate your question. Traditionally Labs and retrievers have been most common around horses. I can vouch for the fact that they get along well (or more accurately, totally ignore each other). Labs and retrievers are pretty mellow and don't have any herding inclinations. And they love to go on trail rides and be outside. Many horse lovers, myself included, have Jack Russell Terriers, don't ask me why. They are small, tenacious terriers and although are very trainable, they are real troublemakers. Mine loves to chase horses, cats, or anything else that has a pulse and nip their heels. I have been able to train her to certain boundaries (they are extremely smart) but she does like to cause trouble ;-) Lots of people I know have heelers and sheep dogs, which seem to get along pretty well with horses. They are a little mellower than terriers, but still require training because their inclination is to herd/chase. Of course, your basic mutt works well too. I hope this helps. Good luck.