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Hello, I found out about your organization at the Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts. I ride for a mounted Patrol unit in Massachusetts, and I was thinking about trying to become an instructor. I have taken riding lessons in the past, before I joined the mounted Unit, and now I'm taking them again, as I would like to really excel at riding. Once I feel I am ready, I would like to try to become an instructor. Now, here in Massachusetts, according to the Dept of Food and Agriculture these things are required in order to be licensed in Mass. (1) Must have a six month apprenticeship, with a licensed instructor, including 60 hours of directly supervised instruction of mounted students. (2) Must pass a written exam. It also says if a person has been licensed previously by another governmental entity that can be substituted for an apprenticeship in Mass. Now, I'm wondering if I took a course with your organization, and passed, would that count for anything in Mass? I'm wondering if I would be allowed to substitute your certificate for the apprenticeship in Mass? Would you happen to know that? Have any Massachusetts people taken your courses? Thank you for any light you can shed on this subject. I see that the next clinic near me is due to be held at SJ Ranch in CT. I had thought about signing up for that. But, I need to know if a certificate from your organization will hold any weight in Massachusetts. Thanks in advance for your help! Denise


Hi Denise, CHA certification is widely recognized all over the US and Canada and for that reason, I would think that MASS would accept it in lieu of an apprenticeship. However, you would have to get approval directly from them to be sure. Since we are the oldest and largest certifying body, if they wouldn't accept ours, I can't imagine what certification they would take. We have lots of certified instructors in Mass., but I do not know any personally. I think your best bet would be to contact the man that handles the licensing and ask him directly. Hopefully you can decide soon because I suspect the SJ Ranch clinic will fill quickly, based on the interest that was shown at Equine Affaire. Good luck and let me know how else I can help.