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I wanted to know about insurance for myself, a CHA certified instructor teaching in Manitoba, Canada, who is teaching friends on their own horses and training horses privately at a facility from which I am not employed. The facility has said I need insurance to do this. Why is this necessary, and what would the insurance cover? Where do I get it and how much would it cost?

I also work full time for a large facility teaching and training, and I'm guessing I have some kind of insurance to do this for my employer there.

 Thank you very much for all of your help!



Most insurance companies will not allow outside people to teach at the insured facility, without a certificate of insurance from the instructor. This is standard operating procedure and it would be negligent on the part of the facility owner not to request that you are insured to teach lessons at the facility.

If you are an employee of a facility, you are covered for teaching and training automatically under the employer’s insurance. For a facility to be insured for “independent” trainers or instructors (or non-employed instructors/trainers), it has to pay more for the policy and declare who the independents are and give proof of their own professional liability policy.

You need professional liability insurance. It would protect you, and consequently the facility owner, in the event a student or anyone else sues you, either directly or indirectly, as a riding instructor. The facility owner has at least as much, if not more to lose from a lawsuit than you do, no matter who owns the horses. 

CHA has had great success working with Capri Insurance Company in Canada . I believe they work closely with the CEF. In the US, we are working with Equisure, Inc., www.equisure-inc.com, 800.752.2472, to provide professional liability insurance to our certified instructors at very reasonable rates. The minimum you can expect to pay in the US is $600 for a level 2 certified instructor; I apologize that I do not know what the Canadian rates are running.