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I am a member from Alberta, Canada. What insurance do I have through my membership with CHA? I train outside horses. If a horse got hurt and I got sued, am I covered?



In Canada, we work with Capri Insurance to offer discounts to our Canadian members on insurance products that the member purchases from Capri . In the states, we work with Equisure, which offers discounts to our American members. There is no insurance that comes with your membership, so you have no protection there. You are only protected by insurance if you have purchased insurance.

If a horse that you are training, or a horse that is in your care gets hurt or dies, you could be held liable for the value of the horse. The kind of insurance that you need to protect you from that liability is called “Care, Custody and Control insurance” and it insures the horses in your care up to a given amount. This insurance will only pay in the event the owner of the hurt/dead horse sues you. There is also major medical and mortality insurance that you can buy on each individual horse; but the owner would have to purchase that insurance.

You should also consider professional limited liability insurance to protect you in the event you get sued for your own negligence, for instance if you failed to do a tack check and the girth broke and the rider fell off as a result and got hurt and sued you. A general liability policy would cover you, the facility and all of its programs and operations; professional liability only covers your personal actions or inaction as a professional, exclusive of where you happen to be working (at a show, at someone else’s barn).

Depending on whether you work out of a facility that you own/lease or you work independently in someone else’s facility, you’ll need either general commercial equine liability insurance or professional limited liability insurance. Often care, custody and control and liability insurance are packaged together.