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I have two questions: Do you know of a training technique to use for a pony that is rude and will pull the lead line out of your hand? I've used a chain across the nose and even that is not enough to make him be led. He takes off once he gets away from you. Secondly, do you know of a product that is good for helping the hair grow back on minor cuts from bites?

Thanks, Sue


Question #1: sounds like this pony is a candidate for major groundwork! I have a pony in training right now for similar reasons. If a chain is not helping, you might try a tied-rope halter. To me, they seem more effective than a chain. Instead of pulling on it you just shake the lead and the knots (conveniently placed at pressure points) put enough pressure on the horse's head to get his attention.

When we get a horse like this in training, we spend at least and hour everyday doing lead line work and round pen work to totally reintroduce and reinforce the concept of manners and respect. One issue to pay very close attention to is when the pony gets in front of you when you are leading (next thing you know he is dragging you around). Every time he gets even a fraction of an inch in front of your hand, shank him and turn around and back him up aggressively. Within short order he will learn to stay respectfully behind your hand.

Questions #2: I am a big fan of Corona and have used it since I was a small child. Just a little dab rubbed well into the spot will keep the skin soft and stimulate new hair growth. I remember when I was a kid, many horsemen used bacon grease! Scientifically, there is no evidence that keeping the skin moist will speed up the hair growth, but it sure seems like it helps.