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Do you have any suggestions on the best size for a ring that would house anywhere from 5-10 horses for advanced riding lessons. What would be the best size (dimensions)? We are looking at building a new ring. I have looked in the manual I have but I haven't found anything on the best size for a ring? We are certified with you so we wondered if you had any suggestions?

CHA Standards recommend 32 liner feet of rail for each horse. So for 10 horses, that would be 320 LF or a 60X100 foot arena. This would be the MINIMUM size and would be more appropriate for beginner lessons that advanced. Other considerations are the ability level of the students and the activity that will take place. Beginners do better in a smaller arena for the purposes of control. More advanced students that will be doing more canter/lope work or riding patterns, may need more space. Setting jump courses and barrel patterns also require more room. If you may want to set up a Dressage arena inside your regular arena, that requires more length. A small dressage arena is 20X40 meters (or about 66 feet by 132 feet), a large dressage arena is 20X60 meters. A standard size competition arena is about 100'X200' and is large enough for full jump courses and other uses. Also consider the fence material. CHA Standards require that fence be of wood, metal or plastic and must be a visual barrier to the horse. Posts must be on the outside of the rail and the gates must be solid (no aluminum gates) and at the same level as the top rail. The minimum height of the fence should be 3, feet, although if I were building a new arena, I would go ahead and make it at least 4 feet. More information on arenas and other facility and program concerns is in the CHA Standards for Equestrian Programs available from CHA for only $39.95. To order one visit our store. This is the book we use to accredit riding establishments and it has a lot of valuable information.