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I am CHA certified L4 Eng, L3 West, and have been coaching professionally for several years and work with over sixty-five students a week. I presently make use of "junior coaches" who conduct portions of my novice level lessons under my supervision. I have created a complete mentorship program under my company, but would love to have some of these girls complete the CHA instructor assistant level. These young girls are more than qualified to be registered junior instructors and could easily be certified to a level 2 or 3 if they were 18 years or older. They are even covered under my insurance and carry their own through our local horse council. The C.E.F. [Canadian Equestrian Federation] program does not cater to this kind of thing and I would love to have them hold some legitimacy in the eyes of a certifying agency. What are your suggestions?

Shauna Leeson Vancouver, B.C.



It sounds like your mentoring program is excellent. CHA certifies Assistant Instructors from the age of 16 (they must be at least sixteen on the day of certification, no exceptions). Assistant Instructors are certified to assist in lessons and teach under the direct supervision of a certified instructor. CHA does not condone putting a person under the age of eighteen in charge of a group of riders. Often, these kids have the ability to certify as an instructor, but legally you cannot put a child in charge of a group of riders, that is why they cannot receive full instructor certification. Once they turn 18, they would have to attend another clinic to get instructor certification. Let me know if you want some information on hosting a certification clinic or if you have other questions.