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Hi Julie,

I was curious, I have the CHA Elementary Manual currently and wondered what I can do to prepare for the clinic, I would like to excel as far as possible. I based my beginning & intermediate students on the fundamentals listed in the manual, but what would you suggest I do to progress in the clinics personally? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Happy riding from the Ready to ride Stables!

Best Regards,
Tina Price

Hi Tina,

To prepare for the clinics, you will be sent the four level student manual and the instructor manual. These books are included in the cost of any clinic you register for. If you wanted to buy them now, some clinic sites may give you a deduction for the books, but they pay less than you will pay. If you do order them, you should order the standards manual too, then you will have them all. These would certainly help you prepare. Also, if you have a way to bone up on your riding, like taking a few lessons or something. Often a person's riding ability holds them back from higher certification, since you must be able to ride above the level that you certified. In the instructor's manual there is a lot of information about planning and organizing a lesson and the parts of a lesson. It would be good to know this information and to practice teaching in a structured format. Good luck!