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Dear Julie,

I am planning on attending a Standard Clinic within the next few months. I enjoy Western and Dressage as my choices of disciplines that I teach and study. I would like to get certified as high as I can go in both Western and English. In the handbook it mentions jumping in the Levels 3 and above for English Certification. I was wondering if that means jumping is a requirement or if it is simply an example. Although I am sure jumping is challenging and rewarding, I have never had an interest in it and, therefore, have never studied it. Does this mean I can't get certified for higher levels?

Thanks for your response,
Jeni Willey


Hi Jeni,

Thanks for your question. It is one that comes up frequently so it will be good to answer it for everyone. You can get the highest level of certification in English without jumping. It would be Level 4 English Flatwork Instructor. The only level you cannot get without jumping, is the Master Instructor, which is prerequisite for Clinician certification. At this time, clinicians are required to be able to evaluate instructors in all disciplines. So, you do not need to be able to teach jumping in order to receive Level 4 English certification. Good luck with your clinic and as far as I am concerned, Western and Dressage are very complimentary disciplines. Good riding!