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Dear CHA,

I have a few questions about your programs. Let me start off by saying "I'm from Canada." For about half a year now I have been searching for a "Riding Instructor" program that suited me. They do offer these type of programs where I live, but they are for western riding. Which in these parts gets you a job checking cows at a feedlot, which is not what I want to be doing with my horse career. Another avenue that I did check out was getting certified through the " Alberta Equestrian Federation program." Each province has its own certification program, which is recognized throughout Canada. Is the " Certified Horsemanship Association" recognized throughout the US and Canada? The main reason that turned me off from this route was.... you have to hire your own riding instructor. Good English riding instructors that have kept up with their involvement in the horse industry are few and far and in-between in Alberta. To find one I would have to go out of Province. I also would like a more class room, school, etc..., orientated environment. Which brings me back to you. Can I even apply to this certification program? I mean does it matter that I am not American? I thank you for taking the time to read this. If you would, could you please send me a reply as soon as you can? Thanks again, from one horse lover to the next.


CHA certification is recognized throughout Canada; the current President of CHA is Canadian. We have been certifying instructors in Canada for many years, if not decades. We do have some clinics in Alberta. Please refer to the schedule on the CHA website to see sites that have hosted clinics in Alberta. I am only vaguely familiar with CEF certification and I know that some of the provinces are now certifying, but I have no information on any certification programs that are strictly classroom. One reason why CHA is so widely accepted is because of it's hands-on nature.

Good luck,