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I have been looking into the CHA's website and I've got a good question for you. When an instructor receives certification at any given level, how long does the student have to stay at that level before they can take instruction/certification on the next level? Can a student go thru or accomplish more than one level a year? I look forward to hearing from you, please e-mail me whenever you have the time. Thank-you!

Kim Wondercheck


At CHA clinics, you can attain the highest level of certification in which you are able to demonstrate proficiency. You do not have to first get Level 1 then Level 2, etc. Note: the Combined Certification Clinics only offer certification up to Level 2 in Trail and Standard; the Trail and Standard clinics offer certification at four levels.

Once you are certified, the only way to raise your level of certification is to attend another CHA certification clinic. You must wait at least 6 months before taking another clinic, in order to gain more experience before you try for a higher level. Also, at the next clinic, you will have to go through the same clinic routine, just like everyone else, teaching lessons starting at Level 1. It is possible (although rare) for a person's certification to be lowered at a subsequent clinic. If this happens, and the person's certification has not yet expired, she may elect to keep the old certification and change her status to auditor for the clinic. If the previous certification is expired, the lower certification will prevail.

I hope that answers your questions, please let me know if you have more.