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I have recently interviewed a young lady who is interested in teaching at our centre. She is qualified by [CHA] standards as far as I can tell, and can care for horses, tack up, and ride well in dressage and jumping to 3'6". She already has some teaching experience and wants to pursue this. All this she has done in spite of the fact that she was born missing the lower 1/2 of her right arm. I feel that she is as able as any other person to safely teach group classes. All of my instructors must become certified if they are not at the time of hire. I need to know - can I give her the okay to register for CHA certification?

Stable Owner/Operator

Dear Stable Owner/Operator,

Thanks for your email, your new potential instructor sounds great! There is absolutely no reason why she could not be certified, as long as she has the skill and knowledge level. The minimum competency requires that you can catch, halter, lead, groom and tack without assistance and ride at a walk-trot-canter in reasonably good form. I do not think your person needs any special considerations from the sounds of it, anytime an individual with disabilities or limitations due to health wishes to become certified; we will consider the individual for certification under the "Special Considerations" policy.

Julie Goodnight Signature

Editor's Note: For information on the Special Considerations policy and Instructor Competency Guidelines, contact the CHA Program Director at jgoodnight@CHA-ahse.org or (800) 980-1410.