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The CHA Level 2 Ring Test (page 40 in the Composite manual) states, "The correct lead is desirable but not required." Does this mean that the student does not have to know their leads? That they are allowed to be told that it is wrong and to try and correct it? We wouldn't want the rider to do the whole arena at the wrong lead would we? Or maybe you have another totally different idea of what this means. Thanks again for your time.


Level 2 riders are just beginning to work on the canter. In Level 3, the canter is refined. In the level 2 test, what it says is exactly what it means. Ideally, they will get the correct lead, but if not, that does not mean that they flunk the test. It is too much information, when a person is just learning to canter, to start working on leads too. When first learning, you should set the student up to get the correct lead, but if they don't, just let them go. Until they learn to sit the canter, they'll never learn to feel leads or cue correctly.