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Hello -

I recently audited at a CHA clinic and received a certificate of completion. How does this benefit me? Can it be applied towards my certification or is it considered a certification? What else do I need to provide in order to become certified? Lastly, I read in the CHA brochure under the section on "Minimum Certification Requirements", that instructor candidates must be able to ride above the level that they will be certified to teach except for exceptional circumstances as listed under Special Considerations under "Instructor Competency Guidelines" in the CHA Clinic Instructor's Manual. Can you please tell me what these special considerations are?

Thank You, Lynn


Auditing a clinic is solely for educational purposes and is a great way to prepare for certification. The certificate of participation for auditing can be used as proof of continuing education, but it is not a certification by any means. To become certified, you would have to attend another certification clinic as a participant, take the written test, riding test, teach practice lessons and participate in all other aspects of the clinic.

The special considerations policy is intended for people that for medical or physical reasons can no longer ride. To receive an exemption from riding in the clinic under this policy, a person must submit documentation from a physician what is the disability or medical reason that prevents them from riding and also document that at one time they had a riding ability at a certain level. CHA will not certify someone who has never had the minimum riding ability. A person exempted from riding under the policy still must teach lessons, take the written test and demonstrate their knowledge and ability for handling horses and teaching groups of riders. Anyone interested in an exemption from riding under the special circumstances policy should contact the CHA Program Director.