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I am interested in becoming a CHA Certified Riding Instructor, and then a certified [Instructor of Riders with Disabilities]. I am somewhat confused about the initial process. I see on the website dates and locations of certification clinics, some with disclaimers that it is not a "teaching clinic," yet I see no information about "teaching clinics" anywhere on the website or in the CHA info packet. Many years ago, I had a boarding stable and English and Western equitation riding school where I was the instructor. I climbed back on a horse last year for the first time in many years and, needless to say, my riding skills are rusty, as are, I'm sure, my teaching skills. I have also been working in a therapeutic riding program focusing on hippo-therapy for the past year. I think I need to take one of your "teaching clinics," or I see that you offer auditing in the certification classes. Can you advise me, please, on the where and when of the teaching clinics and the process for auditing a certification clinic?

Thank you, Marilyn

The reason for the disclaimer is that CHA certification clinics are designed to certify the knowledge and ability that you arrived at the clinic with. If a person does not have the knowledge and riding ability at the start of the clinic, she will not be certified, no matter how well she performs in the clinic.

In preparation for getting certified yourself, I would suggest that you brush up on your own riding by taking lessons and attend either a skills clinic or audit a certification clinic. Either one would help you to prepare. There are not very many skills clinics that are advertised through us. There is one in KY and one in TX that I know of. Your best bet, depending on where you live would be to audit a clinic. Good luck.