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I am a newly certified level 3 instructor. It is my understanding that I can now test and award rider levels up to rider level three. How does this work, and how do I get certificates -can I order them? What paperwork is involved? Thanks, I was hoping to find this inform us ation on your website, but couldn't...

Cheryl Spencer,
Ontario, Canada


You are correct. You can issue the written test and riding test and advance your students through level 3, at any time that you think they are ready. You handle all the paperwork and keep whatever records you deem necessary. CHA keeps no records of student certification, only instructor certification. Learn more about certifications here

You can order pins, badges and/or certificates from CHA for a nominal cost. You may also want to consider buying each level booklet for your students so that they have their own study guide and can work through the tests (just make it part of your lesson cost; most people will not be opposed to buying a manual). Then when they pass level 1, they get a level 2 book, and so on. (See all books here) This achievement program is very popular among students and even more popular with the parents of youth riders and home schoolers. You can call the TX office at (800) 399-0138 to order over the phone or order online using our secure shopping cart HERE. Good luck with your students and congratulations on your certification!