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My friend and I were looking at the Equine Facility Manager’s (EFM) certification. We were wondering does one need to self-teach all of the materials before the clinic and then be graded on the teaching that we do, or will we be learning the curriculum at the clinic, then be tested on it.  If we must self-teach ahead, should we buy the books at the website on barn management and such? Also, do you have an idea or an estimate as to what the cost of the 2.5 day clinic?

Amy E. Banks


The concept of all of our certification programs is that we test and certify the knowledge that you already have; the purpose is not to teach the material to you, but rather to evaluate what you already know. As I said, this is true of all of our certification programs, including arena instructor, trail guide, disabilities instructor, vaulting coach and EFM.

EFM certification requires knowledge, skill and experience. Each level is evaluated through written exam, oral exam and skills demo. Each participant takes a written test at level 1, then is asked to demonstrate a skill from the list of skills for that level, then is asked an oral question, such as “What would you do if you thought a horse were colicking,” (level 1). After successful completion of level 1 testing, you move onto level two and do the same thing. You must pass each level before moving onto the next one.

If you are currently lacking knowledge and experience, the books would help with the knowledge end, but the experience is something you have to get on your own. The book we currently have in stock for the EFM program is called Horses. You can order this book from our website. Thank you!

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