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Julie, I would like to know where it is that I can purchase the safety Stirrups (peacock stirrups) or the stirrups that are designed to keep the feet unstuck that I read about in the standards for group riding programs. Thank you, Lois

Hi Lois,

You can find safety stirrups in just about any catalogue. The English version, Peacocks, have been around for quite some time and are the most reasonably priced, at around $25 a pair. The cheapest I could find them is in Stateline Tack ($24), 800.228.9208 or www.statelinetack.com. The Western safety stirrups, being much newer on the market, are not so easy to find in catalogues. I found nylon stirrup covers for $27/pair in the Libertyville Saddle Shop Western catalogue. www.saddleshop.com or 800.872.3353.

The only Western safety stirrups I can find are about $100 per pair at Spring Creek Marketing, www.surerider.com or 800.758.2632. Since these stirrups are prohibitively expensive for many riding programs, sometimes people just take the Western stirrups and leathers completely off and replace them with English leathers and safety irons. Other group riding programs have made their own stirrup covers out of leather or nylon. They may not be pretty, but will keep the foot from sliding through the stirrup. I hope this helps! Let me know if you find any great deals :-)